Enhance the Elements of Your Health & Beauty

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Enhance the Elements of Your Health and Beauty

Coronavirus pandemic has claimed hundreds of thousands of people’s lives and affected more than 160 countries worldwide, infecting people rapidly and widely. Not only has the pandemic dragged both the micro and macroeconomics down to one of their lowest points, it has also stirred unrest, fear, anxiety, and chaos among the people, harming their emotional well-being both consciously and unconsciously. During the 2-month lockdown in Thailand; despite an economy in recession, business slowing down, sluggish stock markets, ELEMENTS CLINIC is fortunate to proceed with our launching. We are ready to open on Thursday 9th July, 2020.

The Ongoing Crisis, even after COVID-19
Similar to other crises, the coronavirus pandemic is a destructive force that could reoccur. However, covid-19 is also a key reminder to life’s vulnerability. Nobody wants to fall sick or lose their loved-ones. Therefore, keeping yourself healthy, taking preventive measures, and slowing down aging, while nourishing emotional well-being have gained attention among a significant number of people. For this reason, ELEMENTS CLINIC was founded under the mission to “Enhance the Elements of Your Health & Beauty” and to deliver the possibilities of promoting health and beauty in preparation for all other future crises.

Elements derive from “The Five Elements,” or the life elements that show the connections of our internal well-being, an imbalance in whichever element will result in deterioration of health and an eventual sickness. Therefore, ELEMENTS CLINIC strives to retain the equilibrium of the 5 elements, including “Earth”, or muscles, organs, bones, and ligaments, “Water,” or blood and bodily liquid, “Wind,” or gas and cavity in the body and, “Fire,” or the body temperature and digestive system, and “Metal,” or natural force that we interpret as the spirit or the positive state of mind.

Personalized Medicine Treatment Approach
ELEMENTS CLINIC takes a holistic treatment approach by incorporating most advanced and effective medical innovation with lifestyle adjustment that is aligned with each person’s unique natural surrounding and elements. We do not believe in a one-treatment-fits-all mindset.

Our Personalized Medicine is carefully tailored for each individual’s needs. Starting with detailed health check-up to address the underlying cause of the problem, ELEMENTS CLINIC uses Electro Interstitial Scan (EIS), which is a cutting-edge technology from U.S.A. designed to detect any signs of cells degeneration and test the functionality of each organ and all 9 body systems, for example, Nervous System, Respiratory System, Digestive System, and Cardiovascular System. The test provides accurate and swift results, within 5 minutes only.

ELEMENTS CLINIC also offers Diagnostic Tools for health analysis including Genetic Screening to detect any risk of inherited diseases, Oxidative Stress Test to prevent premature aging, Food Intolerance Test, Heavy Metals Test, Hormone Level Test, Stem Cell Count Test, Natural Killer (NK) Cells Count and Activity Test, etc..

To address the underlying causes of the disease, the 3 approaches to advanced Regenerative Treatment are as follows:
- Physical Treatment, including Detoxification Program, Immune Booster Program,Medical Laser Therapy, Hormonal Therapy, Colon Hydrotherapy, Classic and Premium IV Nutrition Drips, and Personalized IV Drip to address each specific medical need for people of different concerns. ELEMENTS CLINIC also offers Bones, Joint, and Muscles Cellular Regenerative Program under a close supervision of an Orthopedic Surgeon with a Ph.D. in Bioclinical Sciences in Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine.
- Emotional Treatment: ELEMENTS CLINIC uses Bach’s Flower Remedy, an alternative treatment from England used in the treatment of emotional sufferings, which over time harm our health. It is a widely accepted treatment.
- Aesthetic Treatment: because beauty boosts confidence and opportunities. ELEMENTS CLINIC offers aesthetic treatments that are suitable for both men and women, some of which include Facial Structure Defining Program, Slimming & Body Sculpturing Program, and Hair Loss Treatment Program.

ELEMENTS CLINIC takes pride in offering cutting-edge medical technology and treatments of highest quality in reasonable price. We also y offers premium grade supplements from AGE NO MORE and Healthcare Organic Tea from PURATY, imported from New Zealand. Exclusively available for our customers only!

ELEMENTS CLINIC is located at 211 G floor Asoke Towers, Sukhumvit 21 Road (Asoke), North Klong Toey, Wattana, Bangkok 10110. We are open daily from 9:00-19:00. For more information, please call 02-066-4265
Email: customercare.elementsclinic@gmail.com
Website: www.elementsclinic.com

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Preventive Healthcare is the key to longevity and healthiness.
Éléments clinic humbly offers this crucial key to enhance your quality of life, vitality and cheerfulness forever.

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