Natural Killer Cells are lymphocytes best known for their cancer cells killing properties. Making up 1% of all the body’s white blood cells, Natural Killer Cells are the only type of cells that are able to work independently. They can quickly and accurately detect and target cancer cells, virally infected cells, and other antigens.

Testing for NK Cells in the blood could help determine risk of cancer where low NK Cells count or functional NK Cells deficiency means a higher risk.

Understanding Our Immunity

Immune system plays a crucial role in our survival. It protects our body from invading pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, germs, other foreign substances, and even cancer cells. Without an immune system, our body becomes vulnerable to antigens. While the immune system consists of several parts that work together, the primary one is the white blood cells, which are scattered throughout the body to defend and attack any threat or pathogens.

NK Cells’ Roles in the Immune System

Natural Killer Cells are a part of lymphocytes that play a vital role in the immune system. Unlike antigen specific cytotoxic T-cells, NK cells have the ability to swiftly respond to and destroy novel pathogens without any prior activation. Quick to detect any cell abnormalities, NK Cells are 100 times more efficient in killing cancer cells than other normal white blood cells.

The reason some people who often fall ill or are not healthy could possibly be linked back to low NK cells count or functional cells deficiency. With a weak defensive wall, any invading pathogens or tumor cells could easily go undetected.

Testing for NK Cells Count and Function Level

Flow Cytometry, one of the quickest and most accurate techniques to test for NK cells count, is a laser-based technology used to analyze the overview of the cell particles and the immune system. Performed alongside with NK cells function test, it can evaluate the functions of each cell and its ability to defend invading pathogens. Regardless of NK cells count, they also need to perform high on the function level to be able to optimally defend the body from invaders.

NK Cells Count

Flow Cytometry

Quick, Accurate, and Convenient

Sample Blood
3 ml. x 2 tubes non-fasting

Test Duration
5 working days

Male 140 -1,103 cells/uL
Female 96 – 998 cells/uL


Flow Cytometry is a laser-based automated tool to analyze, quantitate the physical and chemical properties of cells in solution. Flow Cytometry can rapidly measure the shape, size, and components of each cell. Using a Flow Cytometry machine, sample cells suspended in a fluid stream are passed through a laser light beam in a single file fashion. Cells' interaction with the light, including how the light scatters or fluorescent intensity, will be detected and used to analyze and determine the component of each cell.

NK Cells Activity Test

Microfluorimetry (Calcein-AM Cytotoxicity Assay)

Little or no error. Gold-standard equivalent

Sample Blood
10 ml. x 1 tube non fasting

Test Duration
5 working days

Male 43-58%
Female 35-51%

Microfluorimetry (Calcein-AM Cytotoxicity Assay)

A gold-standard equivalent, Microfluorimetry evaluates Natural Killer cells activity against tumor and cancer cells during a certain period of time. Cultured together with NK Cells, fluorescent cancer cells are closely tracked. In the span of 4 hours, cancer cells destroyed by NK cells will lose their fluorescence, thus, providing experts with a measurement index of NK Cells activity.

Reading Results of NK Cells Count and Function Test

Below Normal
- Cancer patients or at risk of cancer
- Patients are exposed to unhealthy lifestyles- to stress, insufficient rest, drinking, and smoking.
- Patients lack sufficient nutrition, are overweight or underweight
- Patients on medication such as chemotherapy, or immunosuppressant drugs

Normal Range
- The immune system is normal.

Higher than Normal
- Overactive immune system: signs of infection or a symptom of a disease


  • Individuals whose NK Cells count are below normal are advised to seek medical help and plan a treatment to stabilize and boost the immunity as a preventive measure from diseases including cancer.
  • Option to culture NK Cells to increase cell count to administer in the body is available for individuals whose NK Cells count are below normal.
  • Individuals with normal NK Cells count can consult with medical experts for a long-term plan to maintain and and boost NK cells activity.
  • Check-up and follow-up on NK Cells treatment can be done every 4-6 weeks.

What should you do in case of low or poorly functional NK Cells?

Some of the ways to include NK Cells count include

1. How to increase NK Cells count
- Eat a healthy and nutritious diet, focusing mainly on green vegetables, meat, and soy
- Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol
- Exercise regularly
- Get at least 7 hours of sleep and maintain a relaxed and stress-free lifestyle
- Take supplements to support NK Cells activity. Choose only nationally and internationally certified supplements that are backed up by scientific-based evidence.

Results from the aforementioned practices may not be obvious and may vary from person to person.

2. Cell Culturing Technology in Laboratory
Cell culturing techniques can increase cell count, as well as boost cell activity. The process takes up to 2 weeks, after which the cultured cells will be administered back in the body. Using the patient's own cells, cell culturing is a highly safe technique and can be repeated until the desired level of cell count is achieved.

At present, NK Cells culturing can be done in Thailand, decreasing the cost substantially. Make sure to choose only standardized laboratories, with experienced team and experts who can provide medically accurate information and advice to ensure NK Cells treatment is safe and is of the highest quality.

NK Cells Culturing in Laboratory Procedure

  1. Pre-Screening: NK Cells count and function test prior to treatment
  2. Blood Drawing: Collect blood for NK Cells culturing
  3. NK Culture: Isolate NK Cells to increase cell count and boost cell activity
  4. NK Treatment: Administer NK Cells back in the body

Which group of people should be concerned with NK cells activity?

People at risk of having low or defective NK cells, including

  • Individuals whose family has a history of cancer
  • Individuals who frequently suffer from infection
  • Patients with chronic diseases including Liver Disease, Kidney Disease, Diabetes, or Dyslipidemia
  • Patients with chronic viral hepatitis
  • Cancer patients undergoing treatment or in remission
  • Individuals with unhealthy lifestyle- not getting sufficient rest, do not exercise regularly, heavy smokers, and heavy drinkers
  • Individuals with nutritional deficiencies including vitamins, minerals, or protein or those who are not eating a nutritious and healthy diet
  • Individuals planning a disease prevention and wish to undergo NK Cells count and function test

Diseases Treated with NK Cells and Conventional Medicine

Cancer Types
- Leukemia
- Ovarian Cancer
- Breast Cancer (HER-2+ve)
- Neuroblastoma

Non-Cancer Diseases
- Vital Infection
- Autoimmune Disease
- Type I Diabetes


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Natural Killer Cells are lymphocytes best known for their cancer cells killing properties. Making up 1% of all the body’s white blood cells, Natural Killer Cells are the only type of cells that are able to work independently. They can quickly and accurately detect and target cancer cells, virally infected cells, and other antigens.

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