When it comes to the leading and still escalating causes of mortality, cancer remains one of the most dreaded diseases. Cancer is caused by abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body, primarily through the blood or lymphatic systems. Cancer is various in terms of nature, which can be determined based on the site and type of cancer cell.


Tumors develop slowly and gradually at the beginning. It can take up to 10 years from the first tumor cells to the detection of a tumor disease. The turning point with the transition from a locally growing tumor to an invasively growing and metastatic aggressive cancer is crucial for treatment. Therefore, screening and detecting cells with abnormal growth early on can be a significant step towards preventing any abnormality from developing further, increasing chances of full recovery, selecting treatment methods without severe side effects, mitigating stress and anxiety, and also providing helpful information for a follow-up treatment.

The 3 stages of tumor genesis
Cancer is a development disease, not a “black-and-white” disease, which undergo three stages throughout its;
a. Proliferative disorder
b. Tumor (First benign and only locally growing tumor development, then towards the end of that stage malignant development)
c. Cancer (First locally aggressively malignant, followed by metastasizing invasively; in its invasive malignant stage, this disease is considered cancer)

Pre-Cancer Screening Test is designed to assess over 50 types of potential tumors and solid tumors that can be developed from irregular cells by detecting tumor bio-markers inside the blood using state-of-the-art technology from Germany, with sensitivity at 95.8 – 97.5% and specificity at 97.3 – 99.0%. Results will be available in 14 days.

Bio-Marker are enzymes generally found in tumor or solid tumor cells, including
APO10: The Apo10 marker is a characteristic of tumor cells with abnormal cell apoptosis and proliferation. This marker will become measurable in our Pre-Cancer Screening Test, when cell apoptosis is disrupted and cells therefore continue to duplicate instead of dying.
TKTL1: The Transketolase-like1 is a marker for the process of anaerobic fermentation of glucose in the process of energy metabolism (Warburg effect). Found in tumors, solid tumors, or cancer cells that metabolizes glucose at a different rate than other normal cells, which helps in determining pattern of invasive growth or spreading of tumors or cancer.

Advantages of Pre-Cancer Screening Test

  1. Pre-Cancer Screening Test can assess degrees of irregularity before it can develop into tumors or cancer. At the pre-disease stage, irregularity has a high chance of being contained and prevented from further development, and can be reverted back to normal via various treatment methods, including healthcare behaviors, risk reduction, promotion and support of immune system in dealing with irregular cells that do not die from natural apoptosis.
  2. Assess risk of developing tumors and solid tumors from a checklist of 51 items, including cancers that cannot be detected easily, such as brain tumors or cancers.
  3. The test boasts high sensitivity and specificity of 97.5% when diagnosing tumors or cancers.
  4. Suitable for annual health checkups. Yearly screening tests provide the opportunity to recognize a growing cancer, before it has reached a stage at which treatment becomes difficult or impossible. A preventive measure that costs less than what you would have to pay if a tumor developed.
  5. Suitable for both patients with tumors or solid tumors who are currently undergoing treatment, and patients who are pursuing **alternative medicine or self-medication based on food supplements, as the test can be used to assess treatment response and follow up on tumor or cancer development and, for the second case, follow up on tumor or cancer development after using food supplements as well.
  6. Those who are completely cured can also undergo the test to determine the spread of new malignant tumors and to prevent cancer recurrence.
  7. Results interpreted by medical experts from Germany and available within 14 days.
  8. Test procedure: Draw a total of 2.7 milliliter of blood from the blood vessels. You are permitted to consume food and drinks.

List of Solid Tumors that can be detected via Pre-Cancer Screening Test

Brain Tumor
1. Astrocytoma
2. DIPG/ Pons Glioma
3. Ependymoma
4. Glioblastoma
5. Medulloblastoma

Breast Cancer
6. Breast Squamous Cell Carcinoma
7. Estrogen Receptor (ER) Positive Breast Cancer
8. HER2 Positive Breast Cancer
9. Progesterone Receptor (PR) Positive Breast Cancer
10. Triple Negative Breast Cancer
11. Ductal Carcinoma

Gastrointestinal Cancer
12. Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma (ESCC)
13. Gastric Cancer
14. Gastroesophageal Junction Cancer
15. Cholangiocarcinoma
16. Hepatoblastoma
17. Pancreas Cancer

Colorectal Cancer
18. Colon Cancer
19. Rectal Cancer
20. Non-Metastatic Rectal Adenocarcinoma

Gynecologic Cancers
21. Ovarian Cancer
22. Granulosa Cell Tumor
23. Uterine Cancer
24. Cervix Cancer
25. Endometrial Cancer
26. Squamous Intraepithelial Neoplasm (SIN I - III)
27. Vaginal Cancer
28. Vulva Cancer

Prostate Cancer
29. PSA Positive Prostate Cancer
30. PSMA Positive Prostate Cancer
31. Prostate Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Head and Neck Cancer
32. Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
33. Hyperplasia
34. Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma (OSCC)

Lung Cancer
35. Bronchial Cancer
36. Small Cell Lung Cancer
37. Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer
38. Neoplastic Lung Tissue

Urinary Tract Cancer
39. Bladder Cancer
40. Transitional Cell Carcinoma/Urothelial Cancer
41. Squamous Cell Carcinoma
42. Renal Cell Carcinoma
43. Wilms’ Tumor/ Nephroblastoma

Other Cancers
44. Adenocarcinoma
45. Aerodigestive Cancer
46. Rhabdomyosarcoma
47. Thyroid Cancer (Follicular and Papillary)
48. Malignant Conjunctival Tumor
49. Ocular Adnexal Tumors
50. Lymphoma Tumor
51. Melanoma Tumors


  • Food and drinks are permitted prior to the test.
  • Refrain from conducting this test if you are ill or infected.
  • Refrain from taking the test if you currently take medication or exhibit symptoms that affect the number of cells or the immune system, such as white blood cells.

Who is it for?

  • People arranging for annual health checkups
  • Patients arranging for treatment response assessment of modern medicine, alternative medicine, and other therapeutic sciences
  • Patients arranging for checkups to prevent cancer recurrence (completely cured following successful treatment)
  • People with inherited genetic risk of cancer, or face high risk due to regular exposure to carcinogens

Information obtained from the test results

  • Test results will be reported in numerical scores for each irregularity bio-marker found in tumors or cancers (Apo10 and TKTL1).
  • Risk assessment of tumors or cancers based on the checklist of over 50 items.
  • Tumor or cancer progression and spreading assessment.

How often should this test be conducted?

Health checkup should be arranged at least once a year, or per doctor’s advice.


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Pre-Cancer Screening Test is designed to assess over 50 types of potential tumors and solid tumors that can be developed from irregular cells by detecting tumor bio-markers inside the blood

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