Vitamin Cocktail for a Brighten Complexion

If you’ve been out directly in the sun in Thailand, then you must have experienced the burning heat and all the skin problems that come with it- from dry scaly patches, freckles, hyperpigmentation, and dull skin. Our premium skin-nourishing cocktail, SNOW WHITE INFUSION is filled with vitamins, collagen, and natural extracts to help brighten your skin for that eye-captivating glow.


SNOW WHITE INFUSION supplies skin cells with vitamins and collagen to reveal brighter, healthier-looking skin. It also has antioxidant properties and helps to promote blood circulation. Moreover, SNOW WHITE INFUSION reduces red


  •   Rich with antioxidant properties to restore health from within. Vitalizes and increases energy levels
  •   Makes use of vitamin C for long-lasting results and less frequent treatment
  •   Plumps up the skin
  •   Brightens and reduces skin dullness
  •   Nourishes the skin to the cellular level
  •   Softens, hydrates, and improves skin barrier and protection from UV light

Most Suitable for

  •   People with dull and sun-damaged skin
  •  People with weakened skin barrier, wrinkles, melasma, and freckles from environmental changes
  •  People looking for a skin-nourishing and brightening treatment for a healthy and youthful complexion


Treatment Duration

30 minutes

How often should you receive the treatment?

Results will start to become visible after 3-5 sessions of treatment, while in some cases, 7-8 sessions, depending on each individual’s skin condition and treatment frequency.


It is recommended to undergo 1 session of treatment a week for 3 consecutive weeks. After seeing some improvements to the skin, treatment can be done once a month. For longer-lasting results, patients are advised to receive continuous treatment for 3 months.

Post-Treatment Preparation

  •   Physician consultation regarding medical history and thorough physical examination
  •   Double-check for any history of drug allergy and any schedule for surgery


Post-Treatment Guidelines

  •   Avoid direct sun exposure and always apply sunscreen of SPF50 PA+++ before going out to avoid recurrent sun damage
  •   Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and to help in the circulation of the vitamin, and apply skincare daily



Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking as these could result in skin hyperpigmentation.

Side Effect

In case of any signs of irritation or itchiness during the treatment, please inform our nurse immediately.


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Vitamin Cocktail for a Brighten Complexion

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