“PGut” Premium Probiotics (30 capsules)

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PGut Allergy Probiotics Improve body functions and modulate immunity, Reduce intestinal sensitivity (Diarrhea/ constipation), improve gut health

The number of gut microbiome is 10 times the number of our human cells and has a close relationship to our health. The gut microbiome health directly affects our immune system, metabolism, digestion and absorption, detoxification and reduction on intestinal sensitivity (diarrhea/ constipation).

Product Information PGut Allergy Probiotics (30 capsules)
• Comprehensive E3 elements (Probiotics, prebiotics, postbiotics)
• Selected probiotics Lactobacillus plantarum GKM3
• Examined through heavy metal/plasticizer food grade safety test
• Oligosaccharide prebiotics FOS/GOS strengthen the activity of probiotics
• Inulin, extracted from chicory, promotes bowel movement and detoxification
• Postbiotic HK-LP
• Each capsule contains 23 billion of active probiotics
• No addition of sucrose, milk products and gluten
• Produced according to GMP and ISO22000 standards

• Improve body functions and modulate immunity
• Maintain balance of beneficial bacteria and suppress negative bacteria reproduction
• Reduce intestinal sensitivity (Diarrhea/ constipation), improve gut health
• Regulate metabolism and detoxification
• Postbiotic rapidly balances intestinal microecological health, with more stable and long-lasting effect

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