“PGut” Mood+ Probiotics (30 capsules)

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PGut Mood+ Probiotics (30 capsules)
Studies shows that one’s emotional health has close relationship with gut health, appropriate supplementation of corresponding probiotics to adjust the needs of the intestines can help improve sleeping quality and maintain mental health.

Product Information PGut Mood+ Probiotics (30 capsules)
• Comprehensive E3 elements (Probiotics, prebiotics, postbiotics)
• Postbiotic HK-LP
• L. helveticus + B. longum formula helps relaxation and improve sleeping quality
• L. case/ improves intestinal microecology, balances emotional factors and calms the nerve
• 6 types of highly effective gastro-resistant probiotics
• Examined through heavy metal/plasticizer food grade safety test
• Oligosaccharide prebiotics FOS/GOS strengthen the activity of probiotics
• Inulin, extracted from chicory, promotes bowel movement and detoxification
• Each capsule contains 23 billion of active probiotics
• No addition of sucrose, milk products and gluten
• Produced according to GMP and IS022000 standards

• Improve sleeping quality
• Improve mental tension
• Improve emotional stress
• Maintain relaxation
• Postbiotic rapidly balances intestinal microecological health, with more stable and long-lasting effect

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